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ho professed to worship them. "When the gods are angry," said he, "we have storms, and when they are in good-humor we have fair weather. If it is very fine, we know t


hey are happy; and when the clouds begin to gather, we know something is wrong, and it depends upon the amount of sacrifices and prayers that we offer whether the clouds clear away without a storm or



not." Near the foot of the mountain there are several monasteries, where the pilgrims are lodged and cared for when making their religious visits to the God of Fusiyama. Some of these are of consi




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derable importance, and are far from uncomfortable as places of residence. Our party

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spent the night at one of these monastic settlements, which was called Muriyama, an

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ey would not make any material difference, they wisely concluded to halt until the second morning, so as to have all their forces fully restored. Fran


k said, "This day doesn't count, as we are to do nothing but rest; and if we want to rest, we must not see anything." So they did not try to see anyth


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, they started for the final effort. They rode their horses as far as the way was practicable, and then procee

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